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Aaron Greener,
Director and Project Manager

Growing up in Jerusalem, Aaron Greener had always been intrigued by the history and archaeology of his city. Today, this fascination has turned into a profession as Aaron, co-founder of Dig the Past, integrates his archaeological knowledge and experience with his passion for teaching

After winning first place in an IDF contest on the Land of Israel and Military History in 1996 (on the subject of Jerusalem), Aaron completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in archaeology and Land of Israel studies at Bar-Ilan University. In addition, he holds an official Israeli excavator’s license. Aaron is currently pursuing a PhD in archaeology at Bar-Ilan University.

Through the years, Aaron has gained much experience as an excavator and guide at archaeological sites, including Tell-es-Safi (Gath), Maresha and Tell ‘Eton. In 2002, Aaron served as an archaeologist on a UNESCO mission documenting the Jewish community of Izmir, Turkey. In 2004, Aaron and fellow archaeologist Mechael Osband planned and managed the “Diggin’ Israel” archaeological program for Melitz and the Shalom Street Children’s Museum in Detroit. The overwhelming enthusiasm at Shalom Street led the pair to establish Dig the Past.

Aside from directing Dig the Past, Aaron develops and teaches courses on archaeology, and participates in various digs. He serves as assistant archaeologist at the Temple Mount Sifting Project. Aaron lives in Jerusalem with his wife and son, Amitai.

dig@digthepast.org | 617.945.0326 | Gdud Hermesh St. 16/5, Jerusalem 97545, ISRAEL