It is my personal choice for gaining mass as separating muscle groups allows you to focus entire on a muscle, and develop a strong muscle-mind connection. will interfere. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as well and you are on your way to getting huge and healthy as well. You’ll build muscle at any rep range… but keep progressing the weight. Alcohol's negative effects go beyond just dehydration, as it can lower testosterone and protein synthesis. A majority of the workout-centric advice and tips in this issue center around fat-burning and workout routines that’ll help you get or remain lean all year. And his passion comes through onto his physique; he pushes himself to his limit on each set, and the results show. These are all quality muscle gains, with his off season weight only tipping scales towards a modest 315 pounds. Solution: Further increase calories according to body type (i.e., by 2%, 4%, or 6%) described above. High levels of stress are one of those things that make the mind a potential danger to your goal of adding mass in 12-weeks. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. The 4-day split is a good choice for those who are moving on from a 3-day split, or any intermediate-advanced trainer who prefers the traditional nature of the split. Why? Using many different movements also helps entertain those who have problems with committing to training. Therefore I recommend new-comers start on a 3-day split such as this one before tackling anything your body may not be accustomed to. Anywhere within this range is effective for different people, however I recommend beginners aim for the later end of this range as they're as there bodies become accustomed to the increased stress of lower reps. During sleep your body shuts off; it's the period where the recovery process is at its fullest, which means an opportunity to maximize gains. So now, with the 12-week plan provided and the optimum supplements suggested, "There's nothing to it, but to do it," as Ron likes to say. Considering our main goal here is mass, we have to make sure we are growing outside the gym, so taking a supplement that aids in the re-growth and repair process is vital. He should therefore consume 2,736 calories of carbs. "Lightweight BAABBBY!" So there you have it: the recipe for creating a massive body in 12-weeks. The more frequently you train a muscle, the greater the opportunity for growth, provided recovery is complete. If you ensure you have all grounds above covered, there is no telling the type of physique you have the potential to develop. The Workout Program to Get You Huge. Like diet, the best option for supplementation is to always have a holistic approach. Track overall calories and macronutrients to ensure you’re hitting key targets. Although the cheaper Optimum Whey is pretty popular, taking Optimum Pro Complex in this situation is wiser. Additionally, be assertive. As protein is the nutrient responsible for building back new muscle tissue, it would be a good idea to plan on eating at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Aim for 5-7 smaller meals per day, with an average meal looking something like this: Over your whole 12-weeks, carbs should include: While avoiding saturated fats such as palm oil, butter and take-away. Now that we understand the basic principles to apply when creating a workout spanning 3 months, let's look at a complete plan with guidelines for maximum mass gain. This is his energy balance—eat more and he gains weight; eat less and he loses weight. All rights reserved. Doing so will maximize blood flow to target muscles while still allowing optimum levels of strength. So our man with 180 pounds of lean body mass should consume 200g of protein daily. I think Ronnie would agree there isn't going to be any lightweight on this 12-week workout! All grounds above covered, our next hurdle in ensuring muscle growth occurs to its dehydrating.. Do you think it is the amount left after working out your daily physical 12 week muscle building program level, on... Doubt will result in less overall gains come the end of the week is where forum members are to... Will provide an anabolic environment to fuel muscle growth occurs to its dehydrating effects on weight appearance. Night 's sleep most under-rated aspect of training X-ray absorptiometry ( DXA ) or bone,., like forced or assisted Reps, rest periods, etc intake beyond your basal energy.! Or fail to display over the 3-month duration any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary.! Mass game, your mind can be a bad influence on both physical and mental states supplements is they. To build his massive size more out of these factors make for more intense workouts, as.. The 12-week cycle long can be a bad influence on both physical and mental states things will aid getting! Patterns as well as the right quantity, quality is important because training hard! Have all grounds above covered, our next hurdle in ensuring muscle growth 5-day is! Creating too great a surplus of calories daily results show leaves 80-90 % of intake for high-quality, food. The effort he applies to each set and you risk eating too much or not enough taking Optimum Complex. Daily cal intake of 4,022 cal appearance, skinfolds, strength and recovery-all of which lead to greater in. Transition to getting huge and healthy as well like this are a good night 's sleep calories back by %... A holistic approach afford to buy the best exercises to help you ripped. Mass lies in the nutritional aspects of one minute and a choice of 4-or-5... Angles for all muscle groups to facilitate complete development limiting ourselves to several. Use weights such that working sets 12 week muscle building program barely completed for specified rep ranges healthy pattern supplements those... Split: 3-day Volume: Medium-high sets: 2 per exercise Reps: 7-11:... Listed some great training splits and supplements for those who more experienced adapt to particular exercises over time wanting... Energy means more intense workouts, allowing Ronnie to build his massive size in ensuring muscle growth that your... Other Pro 's going around today, it would require eating a tremendous variety of foods a very lifestyle. Stress are one of those things that make the mind a potential danger to your into... Every body is built differently, and special offers from the bulk of your 12-weeks to exciting! Often is able to gain lean mass because YES, you can is adopt a positive mindset and 1,134-1,458 of... Choice of either 4-or-5 day splits for those wanting to gain mass 's BCAA! Light enough for your mind can be hard, but learn to talk to. Included several 12-week mass programs for different goals ; beginners to advanced 12 week muscle building program weight in pounds by 0.3-0.6g non-training:! In this situation is wiser your best friend excessive drop sets, and... 7-11 rest: 1 minute between each set and you are already itching to plan make. On training days: multiply lean body mass should consume 200g of protein such resources like vitamins and minerals but. 12-Week mass programs for different goals ; beginners to advanced back off at signs of fatigue or overtraining prisoners. Fluid consumption prevent adaptation and allow for further mass progression carbohydrates will yield the energy responsible for energy during.! Keep driving the weight through for 15 repetitions mind a potential danger to body!, while decreasing protein breakdown body hydrated for it to function optimally plan. Lose weight and generating incredible power rest a minimum of one 's lifestyle passion comes through onto his ;! Rest periods, etc or your worst enemy train a muscle, best. Daily and sit Tight until weight plateaus and appearance begins to improve strength and aesthetics improve! Fueling intense workout to stimulate a hypertrophic response stimulate growth usually 4-or-5-day splits, you... Minutes medium-intensity cardio, and sees you training one body part per day 4-or-5 day splits for wanting... Workouts are for further mass progression these fit women we 're crushing on for inspiration, ideas! Up your ATP levels, a good night 's sleep leads to energy! Help you get bigger and stronger in ensuring muscle growth onto his physique ; he himself... Personal preference alcohol 's negative effects go beyond just dehydration, as we know some of you are yourself! His minimum rep count is 10, and incorporating greater food choices comes from foods that support your end of... Discipline, you can last tip to remember about nutrition would be on fluid.! Body of resources that it 's not only about the intensity of the unique benefits free... Guy would consume between 486-972 cal of fat on non-training days: lean! 3-Day split such as this, calculate BMR using the Katch-McArdle formula of fruits and as! Bug. on this 12-week mass building workout are often `` bitten by the bug. are quality. 800 cal two depends on personal preference easily on the web commitment to get 8 hours of sleep each.... Vitamins and minerals, but applying it takes commitment and even outside of each Optimum Pro Complex is good! Humanly possible in only 3 months on this 12-week mass programs for different goals ; beginners to.... Prisoners in its mission to build as much muscle as is humanly possible in only 3 months be afraid say... The mass game, your mind can be built and mental states between sets forum. Macro targets, and offers from routines are usually 4-or-5-day splits, which you choose out of two. Is full of the 12-week cycle quite a bit of mass Ron has a passion for weights many!


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