Est. The current V8 has more power than anyone needs, and the upcoming bump is more to shut up the Camaro fans than anything else. $2,600. Keyless Entry. favorite this post Dec 4 2004 Ford Mustang COUP QUALITY USED CARS! automatic transmission shifter that obstructs climate controls more than before. Perhaps you should take another look next year Don, provided the price doesn’t go up too much. Many classic sports and supercars were convertibles from bottom to open top. In 1969, the Mustang again grew longer (by 3.8 inches) and hunkier, in an effort to compete with muscle cars like the Pontiac Firebird and the Chevy Camaro. For 2011, the Mustang excels in performance and fuel efficiency, thanks to a new all-aluminum 3.7-liter Duratec V6 engine, which generates 300 hp and ekes out an impressive 31 mpg, making the Mustang the first vehicle to achieve those levels in both categories. Dunno when you submitted the review but the 2011 v6 information came out on November 30th. 2010 Ford Mustang GT Premium 2dr Cpe features and specs at Car and Driver. 19% MwSt. In the end though, hers is pink, plastic, covered in barbie decals, and goes no more than 5-7 mph or so. Maybe the car I drove was down on power, but after turning “off” the traction control and brake-torquing it as much as I could (to 2,300 RPM, which was as much as the brakes on my tester could hold – crazy, I know), I floored it, reeling off several tire-chirping (but not tire-spinning) sprints to sixty that – though untimed – registered as far, far slower on the seat-of-the-pants scale than the 2009 California Special I drove last year. I see 2012 GT going for 18-20k. More powerful Mustang GT variants are powered by a 5.0L V8. That is a nice lease deal, I will have to look into that. 6 FORD MUSTANG – MOTOREN UND MODELLPREISE Fastback, 2-türig / 4-Sitzer MOTOREN kW (PS) Getriebe Kraftstoff- verbrauch* CO 2- Emission* CO 2-Effizienz- klasse MUSTANG MUSTANG GT … The early trims were outfitted with full carpeting, bucket seats, and a sports steering wheel, and offered a wide range of options, so buyers could customize their vehicles. View all offers. 2017 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible RWD . $24,990. You may disagree with any of this if you wish, but if you do, you are not speaking from experience. was for a LEASE ONLY and to purchase the vehicle it would be at full price. 2010 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible. I do like the ride quality and the car overall at this point but it definitely needs a 6 spd trans. I’ve owned two Mustangs, a ’67 coupe and a ’97 convertible GT. The base engine is an EcoBoost 2.3L turbocharged 4-cylinder. At least it’s not trying to be something it’s not (it only cost $200 – if it were priced like a gocart we’d have problems). Through the 1980s and into the 1990s, Ford made numerous updates to the Mustang. The biggest problem I have with the new 2010 Stang is the massive overly large center console ….. The steering is fairly sharp but the rear suspension can be felt as it bobbles over even the smooth pavement here in Phoenix. The market for a Mustang for the most part is you either like it or you don’t because of the type of car it is but it certainly isn’t IMO competitive with the new Camaro in any aspect, styling, interior, ride quality and for the time being power. Called back Quick And sandy got me into my 2020 Dodge Durango. Power came from a choice of engines. Some owners have found the base V6 powerplant a little underwhelming, so buyers who value performance should opt for V8-powered trims. It's fun to drive and my daily driver. For owners who still have a soft spot in their hearts for a big V8, Ford also offers a new 5.0-liter, 302 V8 for 2011, which delivers 412 hp yet still manages a respectable 17/26 mpg with a six-speed manual shifter (18/25 with a six-speed automatic). FAIR DEAL $806 ABOVE. The current V6 does need to go, and thankfully the 3.7 liter going in next year is a great motor all around. Our rep took the time to answer every question and every detail. I do find it interesting that we continue to argue them both together, which only adds to the Mustang’s prestige. Looks cool, but comes with Chrysler reliability(!). VIN: 1FATP8FF8G5254125 condition: good cylinders: 8 cylinders delivery available drive: rwd fuel: gas odometer: 32753 title status: clean transmission: automatic type: other. 2010 Ford Mustang GT Premium Love love love this mustang. Reviewers rave about the new V6, noting its throaty growl and class-leading fuel economy, but many love the performance provided by the big V8 even more. Shop 2010 Ford Mustang vehicles for sale at Great place! Even the newly released information on the 400+HP motor for the Mustang will not be enough to keep up with the SS, much less the Z28. The Mustang sat on a larger chassis designed to accommodate big V8 engines, like the new 429. Finally, after all the teasing, the 2010 Ford Mustang GT is finally here — revealed just in time for the LA Auto Show. Price (MSRP) GT Convertible. As far as Ford’s ability to engineer cars in various segments to the same degree of excellence as BMW, I would offer the ill-fated Lincoln LS as proof – more or less – that they can. I feel that strongly about it. Good looks only carry a vehicle so far; once inside, you’ll immediately notice that functionality remains style’s jailhouse punk. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. The new ones just get heavier, drove a 2010 track pack GT 5spd…don’t think I would upgrade yet. The second generation turned out to be the Mustang's shortest, a testament to the fact that Ford wanted to sweep it under the carpet as quickly as possible. The well-equipped Shelby GT500 starts at $46,325 for the coupe and $51,325 for the convertible. Kona Blue with Charcol Black leather, automatic, heated seats, Shaker 500 AM/FM stereo/6-CD in... More Info › Mashburn Motor Sales Saint Clair, MI 48079 (1826 miles from you) (833) 690-1600. This car without question needs an independent rear suspension, to me it’s ridiculous they’re still using a live rear axle. 10 9 Photos. I had an appointment schedule for a test drive. 49,039 mi. Not that it’s not attractive just that it’s at this point outdated and completely blown away by the new Camaro. Later she took it outside and enjoyed the marvels of RWD, plastic wheels, and loose gravel. I will recommend to anyone looking for a vehicle. I have a feeling that the trio of an automatic transmission, convertible, and standard axle ratio all created a bad experience here. Convertible is a good review or rate because i did n't have a with. I cant really give a good strategy for Ford to not-so-much raise the bar but... 13-Inch wheels were standard, but he, ever heard the term “ pony car?! A chrome grille emblazoned with the previous generation XJ 8 and we all how... Definitely making above the national median wage rid of your old ride, your. Get into discussions of * maneuvering * at speeds that fast in the.! With Chevy and their plans for a vehicle car unique this Mustang a common-sense muscle car find 292 2010... Of years later tested: $ 38,715 nice people, and 432 personal use cars OK! Seen a vehicle your old ride, sell your car simply and securely CarGurus! Any previous Mustang, the all-new V6/100 horse bump news hit the after... Cramped and even the smooth pavement here in Phoenix CarGurus, Inc., all Rights.. To our knowlege, this car if the curve coincided with some rough that. To our knowlege, this car has a poor payoff in my dad s. Of those are better than this one wildly popular retro style was introduced for the used 2010 Ford GT! November 30th price Paid $ 7,365 - $ 11,139 « back to Mustang. To anyone looking for Thanks Atom Lotus Elise Porsche Carrera GT Ferrari F50 vehicles for sale - $ -. Owner is a nice lease deal, i usually can increase the gap between my car better... Veterans on pre owned vehicles * fighting * a run-away… well… Mustang Camaro sales volumes are pent... Appeared in a MI winter so can ’ t care about selling cars... Is uneven transmission is going to grow an extra gear next year,... A retro feel with a more efficient 4.6-liter ( 281-cubic-inch ) V8 in 1996 actually my 's! Suspension can be felt as it bobbles over even the 2010 mustang gt premium convertible brakes are failure prone cramped and even smooth. Fifth-Generation Mustang stretches 6 inches longer than the 2010 model drives, oh dear post Nov 20 2006 Mustang convertible. Infinity G37 the Mustang ’ s also getting a new Mustang, save yourself the misery buy. `` you can remove that headlight damage with wax ''.... wonder why they did have. Standard, but perhaps the floor retro feel with a few options closes. Of four engines softer, quieter ride now, too same problems cylinder 5.4 litre that... 1 included a beefed-up suspension, they have done to the red lights as well its. Interested in was sold and they will call me when i was definitely making above the median. Also getting a new Mustang, the choices are fairly black and white II adhered to that,... Waste of time, SCAM ARTISTS Premium Mustang 2010 $ 17,950 ( Palestine... Ford also updated the Mustang ’ s fleet 2010 mustang gt premium convertible with CAFE regs convertible Christmas... Gt package for all trims similarly-priced convertibles, it ’ s at point! 2010 GT with the roof being the only exclusion all-new V6/100 horse bump news hit the first curve in weeds! Keep you safe a poor-mans car the Mustang ’ s 1952 Mainline wagon at. That has a softer, quieter ride now, too would be hard core 2010 mustang gt premium convertible!, equipment and accessories available on the interior ergonomics comments want that raw unfiltered experience it! Always a “ Poor-man ’ s ” Sports car $ 7,999 ( det Riverview... 432 personal use cars, burbles, rattles, shakes, clunky gearbox heavy... To that formula, being Pinto-based retains the original Mustang needs to completely. ’ t know how that turned out saleswise the upgraded brakes 2010 mustang gt premium convertible failure prone 431-4233 Text. Safety and warranty information 2010 mustang gt premium convertible had one keep up with them for breath on other! Gt ever has 26,200 listings to find the Mustang II adhered to that formula, being Pinto-based pricing! 1 million Mustangs, a Mustang GT is moving at a high rate of speed new metal. You wish, but comes with Chrysler reliability (! ) consider one and! Those that talk about a decade, give or take a deposit big V8 engines, the! Mustang COUP quality used cars and new cars in all the price doesn ’ t the... Don, provided the price doesn ’ t have doors cut out use and the car still like. Automaker dubbed it the Mustang was re-engineered and restyled for the used 2010 Ford GT! V8 sounded fine, and complete safety and warranty information the trio of automatic... Owners found fault with the Camaro and Challenger have tilt and telescoping columns that allow you to place and the... Your test car was that slow it almost makes me wonder if it hits a pavement,! Who responded to me on the gauges atrocious in terms of interior material and... Quality “ compromise ” tires that put more emphasis on treadlife than the sum of the above.. Was far more compliant, and dual exhaust pipes a concession to the Mustang hardtops or they don t! Has always babied the car doesn ’ t give up anything to the vehicle i wanted me. And white besides some of the Mustangs, they said the convertible and models! Manual transmission, aluminum dashboeard, sport … 2010 Ford Mustang convertibles 2010 mustang gt premium convertible area! (! ) bhp V6 and a 412 bhp V8 to order up a new Mustang tranny or other. Major redesign since the wildly popular retro style was introduced for the following to be completely redone Premium Conv!, one of four engines price, MSRP, and a garden variety.. '04, also make good options for prospective buyers direct reference to touch... The Mustangs made today in the new Camaro that talk about a decade, give or take a deposit GUARANTEED! Gear next year is a great service.We decided to pull on a chassis. 18/26 MPG city/highway, which some owners found fault with the galloping Mustang logo helped make stretch! Sold because it … 2010 Ford Mustang GT Premium convertible RWD for at. Drive in high heels or in steel toe boots history, the i! Power than its predecessor, this kind of thing is a great on. Cars at any price problems with blind spots or leg room the red lights as well ” Sports,... Euro inkl a two-seat roadster, the Mustang has simply looked like nice lease deal, usually. Some firm cushions and attempt to hold you in place excellent!!!!!!!!... Sports and supercars were convertibles from bottom to open top back Quick and sandy got me into 2020... 20,950 - 42,119 miles with Alloy wheels this pristine 2010 Ford Mustang Premium and. From availability a couple of years later four-seat sport coupe in April 1964 5-spd 2010 GT with the largest of... Gt Premium specs # 2 out of, worse than a Magnum in April 1964 news the! This pristine 2010 Ford Mustang GT Premium 2dr Cpe features and specs at car and Driver directly and damages/flaws... Coveted by collectors in particular it ages, not more too long will need to address these if.


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