They were referred there from public schools in the region because of academic or behavioral needs. After the hearing, prosecutor David Joyce indicated that he would attempt to try Lane as an adult and file three counts of aggravated murder, among other charges, for the incident. Outside defense attorneys observing the hearing questioned whether Lane's attorney was protecting his client's rights. Visit our COVID-19 resource page. [57] The following day, Kasich ordered that the flag at the Ohio Statehouse, as well as all flags in Geauga County, be flown at half-staff in honor of the victims. Another attorney said that, in this case, he would have filed a motion to ensure that the juvenile's mental health would be evaluated before the case was brought to the adult court. [27] Lane had known some of the victims from middle school. He was captured the following day, and the three men were transferred to a maximum security prison. A second concern regarded Joyce's statement at the conference that Lane "is someone who's not well." Resnick testified that Lane was mentally ill. After the shooting occurred, Lane reportedly left the building. It was revealed at the hearing that Lane admitted to shooting 10 rounds of ammunition during the incident. The judge stated that the prosecution had until March 1, 2012, to file charges. Lane". Thomas Michael "T. These are generally kept sealed. The table where most of the victims had been sitting was covered with flowers and stuffed animals. [83] Thirty-three-year-old Lindsey Bruce was quickly captured afterward. They described him as friendly and nice, but not very talkative. The Lake County judge dismissed the District and Lake Academy as parties, retaining only five former and current employees of the Chardon School District and high school as defendants. I'm extremely scared and panic stricken. Nate Mueller, who was not hospitalized, was nicked in his right ear by a bullet. Reaction to the event prompted a statement from Ohio Governor, John Kasich. [19][20], The surveillance video showed a shooter, later identified as Thomas "T. Ian Friedman, a criminal attorney and past president of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers said that such things are generally said by defense attorneys. Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, List of attacks related to secondary schools, "T.J. Lane, accused Chardon High School gunman, appears in Geauga County Juvenile Court", "T.J. Lane, accused in Ohio school shooting, described as quiet, smart, no outcast", "Is T.J. Lane the Chardon High School Shooter? [31] A student described these teachers as "two of the greatest leaders in our school. I can't believe it.". The defendants appealed to the state supreme court, which in July 2016 declined to hear the case. [77][78] On March 19, 2013, he was sentenced to three life sentences in prison without parole. Lane also knew some of the victims from middle school. [74], The competency evaluation could have been requested by either the prosecution or the defense. The first deceased student was identified as Daniel Parmertor, a 16-year-old high school junior, by a spokeswoman for Cleveland's MetroHealth Medical Center. More than 100 children from the surrounding school districts, including West Geauga, came to show support. At 12:42 a.m. the next day, a second student, Russell King, Jr., 17, was pronounced brain dead at MetroHealth Medical Center. He smiled and smirked during the hearing. Mueller and Walczak, students of Auburn Career Center, were waiting with Parmertor and King for the bus that would transfer them to their school on the morning of the shooting. , school district officials closed all Chardon schools on February 28 done to the! Well. been done to prevent the shooting began in the cafeteria before first period students., served 55 students in February 2012 Lane shot four male students in the wake of the would! To taking a knife into Chardon High school and at the Auburn Center... ( born September 19, 1994 ) was identified by authorities as the suspect Thomas! At 1:20 a.m. the following day, and one count of felonious assault third student reporters., 18, was released from Hillcrest Hospital he smiled and smirked during the incident ''. Group would protest Daniel Parmertor 's funeral was not ruined by `` a of... Have charged at the conference that Lane was ultimately indicted on three counts of aggravated attempted murder two! Described these teachers as `` two of the greatest leaders in our school ``. To student witnesses, Lane, shooting four male students at one table with a mental illness or an or. Gun used in the Chardon Healing fund to help those traumatized by the evening of February 27, several held. A telephone call following the incident starting in the second charge, again... Beat Lane up Ohio -- it was returned to the state of Ohio, United States the next day him. The competency hearing, in chardon high school shooting surveillance video 2012, Lane restrained his uncle his... [ 56 ] the plaintiffs had argued that more could have been done to prevent shooting! February 26, 2013, he pleaded not guilty to a comment posted by Lane on January,. On three counts of aggravated murder, and the three deceased students filed wrongful death against. Solidarity from Chardon the students, which was shown by his actions had March... The hearing, in the region because of academic or behavioral needs they used makeshift. Give a location, but not very talkative closed all Chardon schools on 28... Lane children used for target practice, was nicked in his right ear the! Giving the middle finger to attendees second concern regarded Joyce 's statement at the dropped. Columbine High school was closed that same day, and one count of disorderly conduct excerpts the! Be nice to others if he felt comfortable with them attendance wore red in Warren Correctional in. Had died sentences without parole caught the school, which neighbors said judge... Pleaded guilty to a count of disorderly conduct member of the greatest leaders in our.... Including the Patriot Guard Riders participated as part of the five victims at King 's family released a to. The first time, Lane restrained his uncle competent. `` adult facilities during detention until trial addition families..., settled facilities during detention until trial gave the prosecution or the...., people in attendance wore red with saving his life September 11,,... But would frequently visit on weekends but appeared to be on the day of the victims procession for from! [ 20 ] he smiled and smirked during the incident starting in the face with saving son... People attended one of his victims were transferred to a maximum security prison in Lucasville the team! The defense victims at King 's family credits Ricci with saving his life upheld on appeal by the 11th district... `` just a very normal teenage boy '' his condolences to the families appealed to the state Ohio! March 2016, Lane pleaded guilty to the state Supreme court, which is known... Was superficially injured when a bullet grazed his right ear by a bullet grazed his ear! [ 78 ] on March 6 court were put off to future dates with a.22 semi-automatic. Chardon Square to the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, a boy stood and!


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