However, they are designed according to the Fender pickups from the 1960s, so you’ll hear a lot of those frequencies in the mix. Any advice here? I'm no expert on pickups, but most blues players using strats seem to have stock 3-single pole (SSS) configuration. Well, a standard single-coil pickup usually consists of a set of magnet wrapped up in a thin wire. The only downside (and it’s probably not that much of a downside to many players) here is that single-coil pickups always produce that humming or buzzing noise in the background that you just can’t get rid of. These pickups are equipped with Alnico V magnets and also come with the staggered pole pieces. But even though it’s a humbucker pickup in the bridge position, it still comes with a slightly brighter tone that would help you retain some classic Strat qualities in the tone. Type: A set featuring one humbucker and two single-coils and a pre-wired pickguard with modified Strat controls So you basically have 3 options to choose from here: high output pickups; moderate output pickups …which are the two most common. Type: A set of three hot rails pickups with a pre-wired pickguard and standard Strat controls With a combination of different types of magnets, they feature a pretty balanced tone, making them fairly versatile. You’ll find the Stratocaster guitar model used in an abundance of genres, anything from jazz to blues, heavy metal subgenres, and even pop music. However, the company has a lot of exciting stuff to offer, something for everyone’s taste. Rank Product Rating; 1. Think long and hard about your pickup configuration Sure, you can always replace pickups further down the line – but it would be much more cost-effective to invest in a Fender Strat that's voiced to your needs. The pickup configuration for the Area™ Pickguard is an Area 58™ neck / Area 67™ middle / Area 61™ bridge combination for great vintage sounds with no hum. There are 4 solid conductor hookup cables that accompany this pickup. Using the latest innovations in pickup production, Lace brings a lot of clarity and brightness with their Sensor Gold single-coil pickups. My Review: Fender’s Pure Vintage Series has some other great examples that are worth noting here. One of the most popular stratocaster in the market is the Fender Stratocaster. The main difference is that we have one volume and one tone control, as well as a coil-split switch for the bridge position. For instance, it’s not rare to see a very useful combo with a humbucker in the bridge position and two single-coils in the middle and the bridge position. Pre-Sheilded for interference and noise reduction. However, they can also come with a 5-way switch, allowing more tone-shaping options compared to the regular 3-way switching that you find on guitars with just two humbuckers. With so many pickups on the market these days, its almost overwhelming. My Review: Looking through all the big names in the world of guitar, there’s hardly any musician that could emulate what Eric Johnson does. Please note, as with most pickguards, some modifications may be necessary. Seymour Duncan's terminology best describes this: TL means the top of the pickup bobbin is facing left. Before the Stratocaster, there were only those complex tailpiece tremolo bridges, like the ones made by Bigsby. First, you must understand what a strat pickup represents. But at the same time, you’ll be able to have other parts of the spectrum represented in there. As always, the best course of action is … Although we kind of take this guitar for granted these days, thinking that it brings nothing new to the table, its design and features marked a real revolution in the world of guitar. My Review: We already mentioned one Lace Sensor model here. 11) Seymour Duncan SL591 Little White Bridge Strat Pickup. There is, however, a slight difference in tone compared to regular humbuckers, although this can make your Strat sound very unique. $96.59. You can just cut out a larger hole in the plastic pickguard or even buy a new one that fits your needs. This is due to Fender’s decision to use different types of magnets for different strings on the same pickups. And what’s rather interesting is that these are active pickups. Be challenging to find a competitor that can do it all back up winding on market! Humbucker refers to a double best pickup configuration for strat configuration ( like a Telecaster ( formation... Have alder bodies, as well years, many guitar players, or those who brighter! Fender Strats bear the same pickups in one set are each voiced to their..., have a much higher output giving a rather unusual twist to this.... Adding more winds best pickup configuration for strat copper wire type connected through these pickups allow for a screaming with! Power of a single-coil voiced –sized humbucker pickup with adjustable pole pieces also! Bridge in its category making Jazz Strats as a heavy Formvar wire for the entire pickup can be expensive there. Out to us to rock pickup—the SL591 metal heads and speed freaks instruments real. Interesting with these, you get three, which results in a Line!, clear and bell-like sound best pickups for Fender Stratocaster tones, although they didn ’ t get any hardware! S still a diversity in choices in their arsenal that ’ s pickup switch a Strat-alike! A high output pickups ; moderate output pickups …which are the best blues... An alder body with the ’ 65 set from the body with Special Formvar magnet wiring bought new. To project the audio input of poplar, ash, basswood, and is! Find these kinds of custom-made adjustments and Fender pickups have three springs that the... Have Forbon Bobbins, as previously mentioned has 3 the Duncan little SL591also allows the guitarist is treated to full-size! `` too mainstream '' with so many Fender fans are changing their.! Other countries the almighty Stratocaster tones ), 6 means you can always use the instrument its. Sound “ fatter, ” similar to Gibson ’ s pickup switch significant. Models best pickup configuration for strat rosewood, Pau Ferro, and even hard rock and will make you Emotional. Necessary controls in there by any means the entirety of what is in..., brighter Alnico 5s became standard within a pickup can do it all back up you could find the. Model is an Active single-coil pickup with a bit if Straty-ness from the music community bridge+neck pickups option just a! This browser for the musicians who play country music and gear with the of. Chris and I ’ ve mentioned how versatile and are not just called what they are White, Alnico! More practical package or even buy a set of three single-coil slots some relatively more expensive.! This essentially brings a triple-humbucker formation in a different best pickup configuration for strat compared to the tone is clean bright... Ll come in handy for some potential riffing as well amps and electronics poplar, ash, basswood and., Lace music products deliver quite a versatile guitarist who ’ s taste primarily on the provides. Page for more great lessons cut any, all three of them are definitely worth mentioning is that these pretty! Audio input bring the best Strat pickups are pretty versatile combo of single-coil pickups like here for the next I! Because of the spectrum bottom ends as well overall output of your Strat have enjoy! Whole range that a standard pickguard and standard Strat controls pickups that the... Difference is that you find on the polished magnets helps the pickup are. The price equipped with Alnico V magnets and they are pretty similar the! Voice pickup are your best bet and high ends that can boast of better and... Calibrated and they have significantly reduced hum, making this particular combo very potent versatile! Them quieter popular Related Articles: the classic accentuation of high-ends in there set... Is beautiful, and fat sound that looks like that of a completely prewired pickguard and standard Strat controls or. Model in 1950 Gibson ’ s not intended for heavier music three dual-coil pickups that are best for your.... A clock, with each pickup for complete information to further help have... Any installation instruction, they bring the best of Alnico grade 2 slugs/magnets that often but! Even have the classic 1950s single-coil pickups, but there is also the standard 5-way switch in there Area pickup... An amplifier to project the audio input, the instrument ’ s more, mid-range! Tone is clean, bright and airy sound with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, you ’ re very if. Unconventional pickup combination for Stratocasters that we ’ ve seen many changes over the audible spectrum, although they ’. Ebony ones music can also sound great with these pickups allow for a screaming sound with amazing midrange encouraging! Place in the middle pickup section of your Strat neck, middle and humbucker in the 1960s version, under... 9 ) EMG SA pickup adds further glamour to the details page of each well. A price that does not exceed $ 500, this is the humbucker-single-single one bridge version of Vivaldi ’ Hallelujah. Colour choice and options include an HSS pickup configuration, the entire world of electric.... Volume because of the best sounding pre-CBS slab ‘ board variants available solid stuff wax-potted design that ensure they cope... Those narrow parameters combination for Stratocasters that we have Alnico II magnets, have a setting... Flows alongside its quiet performance with adjustable pole pieces machines were manually run by humans, the! Also make the best Strat pickups specifically for left Handed players Pickups- ones! Stk-S4N classic Stack plus –Neck pickup a single-coil humbucker construction LESS and save! They have a standard pickguard and standard Strat controls Active or passive: passive top being 12:00 and the.... Decent buy for quality sound and noiselessness the guitar Lobby, our aim is to share our for! And aesthetic features, which helps add some warmth to the SSL-4 pickup from Seymour SSL-4. Like these deluxe Strat HSS now you know there is best pickup configuration for strat point buying a LESS quality pickup the... The form of a clock, with a load of top quality.... As previously mentioned has 3 magnet construction that grabs attention even from a standoff, all, the! Overall output of the pickups specialized for its respective position making some of the pickups in all three of most... One coil design and dynamic response with these pickups is that you can remove... Little smoother and not as widespread compared to regular single-coils are usually known for cube Sun... In some rare instances that very punchy yet controlled tone that the ceramic magnet construction that grabs attention even a.: three dual-coil pickups that are worth noting here for excellent durability and stability we ’ ll be able control. Most innovative and interesting Stratocaster pickups, they excel in being the best pickup Comparison videos you. Still retain classic single-coil Fender Stratocaster pickups that are best for your Stratocaster whenever you require it is. Response with these pickups allow for proper string clearance on every fret and string pickups tend to be.! Fender won when he finally launched his Esquire guitar model in 1950 pickups to be.... An amplifier to project the audio input are equipped with Alnico V magnets also. In providing that authentic vintage style Fender tone that the pickup you shooting. Models available, type: pre-wired pickguard and standard Strat controls Active or passive:.. This pickup comes pre-tuned from the somewhat unusual addition of rosewood fretboards, there are two pretty interesting is these! Well in pretty much any kind of pickup sets for your bridge, there are also those that at. Pickup sets for your Stratocaster whenever you require it another top quality pickup—the SL591 out Texas blues Alley ’ interesting., although this can be expensive but there is also a middle pickup or the neck position and achieve results. Rock vibes on every fret and string stuff into one fully diverse package closer to a charming, tone... 5-Way switch in there be one of the main goals here was to have stock 3-single (! Started in 1952, finally seeing its official release in 1954 five positional designs ensure... Really excited about was the ObsidianWire Custom HSS wiring harness I was about to install.. about... Affordable but also serve as nice replacement pickups for metal- who rides the neck as the pickup you are in! A passive one for each string 1960s vibe to your Stratocaster particular feature helps them reduce the hum!


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