The X1 S is a refined version of sE's best-selling X1, tuned for advanced performance in every way imaginable. The X1 S features one of sE Electronics's hand-made, … The X1 S Microphone The X1 S utilizes a hand-made condenser capsule, meticulously constructed and tuned in sE’s … The condenser microphone is definitely something you’d want to get your hands on. sE Electronics X1 S Microphone Features: So let’s discuss the features. It features a large diaphragm and … The sE Electronics X1 S Vocal Pack comes with everything you need to deliver a professional quality vocal signal to your DAW. A high-quality condenser microphone that's versatile enough to record anything in your studio, check out the sE Electronics X1 S cardioid condenser mic. When sE introduced the X1 in 2010, it redefined the potential of an affordable hand-crafted condenser microphone… Probably the microphone that best exemplifies the company’s dedication to affordability and quality is the sE Electronics X1, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone … All sE condenser capsules and ribbons are designed by their in-house team of engineers and assembled by highly skilled technical staff.


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