February 5, 2015

Archaeological Excavation | Flagship Program

Israel is the most densely excavated country in the world. Since the beginning of modern times, archaeological missions have journeyed to the Holy Land to excavate and uncover its rich history. Archaeology is still popular in Israel, often nicknamed the “national pastime.” Every year, hundreds of people from around the world volunteer at excavations in Israel. They return home with stories lasting a lifetime.

Dig the Past’s flagship program is designed to recreate the excitement and adventure of an Israeli archaeological excavation in your community. While never leaving your grounds, participants are transported to an authentic Israeli archaeological site, complete with buried artifacts dating back to Biblical times, such as pottery vessels, coins, mosaic tiles, jewelry and more. Under the guidance of experienced archaeologists, participants excavate the life-size site with professional tools in search of the artifacts.

At onsite workshops, our educators use artifacts as teaching aids, bringing history, religious life and the ancient Hebrew language to life. We modify our programs according to participants’ age. The children conclude their archaeology experience with an official Junior Archaeologist certificate, inspired and eager to learn more.