February 11, 2015


“This project gave the kids hands-on experience. It was like getting Jewish history underneath their fingernails. It was indeed a fabulous opportunity to make Jewish history and Israel come alive!”
Harlene Winnick Appelman, Former director of Detroit’s Alliance for Jewish Education

“The archaeological dig and the other activities made the History Pavilion a huge success – one of the most popular activities of the afternoon!”
Debbie Fleischman, Israel Independence Day organizer, Philadelphia


“Aaron of Dig the Past worked with our education team to craft an interactive archaeological dig or learners of all ages. With Aaron’s help, we adjusted the program to make it exciting and engaging for pre-schoolers, elementary school students, teens and adults. Aaron also helped us integrate the learning about archaeology with our congregational celebration of Chanukah. We had a holiday filled not only with the traditional candles, dreidels and latkes, but also “ancient” oil lamps, dirty hands (from digging in out “tel”) and insights into daily life at the time of the Maccabees. It was a resounding success and a great learning experience for congregants of all ages.”
– Alison L. Kur, Director of Congregational Learning at Temple Beth Elohim


“The adults get as much out the the experince as the kids do. It’s a family event.”

– Avigal Greenberg, Assistant Israeli Archaeologis


“We were very excited to experience a taste of Israel, both the past and the present, through this archaeological dig at our school.”
– Nina Price, Director of Congregational Learning at Congregation Beth El


“My grandchildren had an outstanding time; they want to become real archeologists one day.”
– Gail Klein, Detroit Resident


“Dig The Past represented the museum’s most ambitious programming since opening.”
– Jonathan Beller, Former Director of Shalom Street Children’s Museum 

“We got an incredible response from the children. We have had numerous repeat participants who want to experience the dig more than once.”
– Siegal Eli-Gers, JCC Detroit Program Coordinator